Visiting each state sharing songs, books,
recipes, and rituals.

AK: Alaska

North to the Future

AL: Alabama

AR: Arkansas

AZ: Arizona

CA: California

CO: Colorado

CT: Connecticut

DE: Delaware

Liberty and independence

FL: Florida

In God we trust

GA: Georgia

Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

HI: Hawaii

IA: Iowa

Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain

ID: Idaho

IL: Illinois

State sovereignty, national union

IN: Indiana

The crossroads of America

KS: Kansas

KY: Kentucky

United we stand, divided we fall

LA: Louisiana

Union, justice, and confidence

MA: Massachusetts

MD: Maryland

ME: Maine

MI: Michigan

MN: Minnesota

MO: Missouri

MS: Mississippi

MT: Montana

NC: North Carolina

ND: North Dakota

Strength from the Soil

NE: Nebraska

Equality before the law

NH: New Hampshire

Live Free or Die

NJ: New Jersey

Liberty and prosperity

NM: New Mexico

NV: Nevada

All For Our Country

NY: New York

OH: Ohio

With God, all things are possible

OK: Oklahoma

OR: Oregon

PA: Pennsylvania

Virtue, liberty, and independence

RI: Rhode Island


SC: South Carolina

SD: South Dakota

Under God the people rule

TN: Tennessee

Agriculture and Commerce

TX: Texas


UT: Utah


VA: Virginia

VT: Vermont

WA: Washington

WI: Wisconsin


WV: West Virginia

WY: Wyoming

Equal Rights