Constance Radio Modifications

Each radio is equipped with an Arduino Uno, MP3 shield, amplifier, LED, and piezo sensor. The original power switch, volume knob and speaker are wired into the new circuit. The LED uses the piezo sensor to change brightness with volume.

Pink GE

General Electric 915

Jewelry (CDJ)

Baby Champ

Northern Electric Baby Champ 5000

End Tomorrow (J&J)


Juliette Transistor Portable

You (CDJ)


Ross Transistor Bookcase

Parlor Floor (CDJ)

Wooden Philco

Philco Vacuum Tube

Jewelry (CDJ)

Black Philco

Philco Vacuum Tube

Jewelry (CDJ)


Zenith "Racetrack" H511, 1951

Jewelry (CDJ)

White Zenith

Zenith G516W Clock Radio

Jewelry (CDJ)